Big Country: Oil Drilling Tools


Since its formation in 1984, XYZ Machine Tools has built a solid reputation on the construction, service and support for its diverse range of machine tools and customers. The company has evolved by recognising opportunities and committing to new machine ranges that provide customers with cost-effective solutions to their machine tool requirements. The recent opening of its dedicated showroom in Livingston, Scotland is a testament to both the company’s success and the increased demand for quality and versatility from the oil and gas sector.

Precision and performance

XYZ’s latest model, the Oil Country-3M, features a 420-mm diameter through-bore, complemented by a 40-inch (1016-mm), four-jaw front chuck and a 32-inch (813-mm), rear three-jaw chuck. The machine’s turning capacity ranges between 1,500mm to 10,000mm between centres – depending on the model selected – with a swing over the bed of 1,100mm (750mm over the cross slide) and x-axis travel of 638mm.

On a machine of this scale, spindle power is crucial, so XYZ has equipped the machine with a 63-kW spindle motor connected to an automatic three-speed gearbox generating speed ranges of 70-250 rpm, 40-70 rpm and 5-40 rpm. Performance is enhanced by the ability to feed in the X and Z axes at between 0.001 to 2.5 mm/revs, with rapid traverse rates of 5,000 mm/min. Combining this with the heavy duty tailstock – featuring three clamping points and a MT6 taper with a 115-mm diameter quill travelling up to 300mm – ensures total support of the workpart.

The single-piece, cast iron bed weighs in at 11 tonnes and with a bed width of 544mm, offers a high level of stability for large and heavy workpieces. To ensure the machine can deliver maximum productivity it is supplied with a programmable 4-station toolpost, coolant system, swarf conveyor, steel telescopic slideway covers, worklights and splash safety guarding. Options are also available for 8 or 12 station hydraulic turrets and a range of fixed and travelling steadies.

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CNC control is undertaken by Siemens’ 840DSL. The incorporated shopturn software allows programs to be generated through a graphical interface, but also means standard G code programs can be used.


As the largest supplier of machine tools in the UK, XYZ Machine Tools offers a wide range of options suitable for prototyping and low-to-medium volume applications. This range includes turret mills, bed mills, vertical machining centres and turning centres. At the heart of this range is the unique ProtoTRAK™ control system, exclusive to XYZ Machine Tools. The system was conceived to create a simple, easy-to-use control for lathes or mills, with operators able to program components in minutes. It is ideal for prototype and small batch production, enabling programs to be generated either at the control or offline via G-code. ProtoTRAK™ is also fully compatible with CAD, DXF and Parasolid files.

XYZ Machine Tools supports all machine sales with free, standard training at one of its showroom and demonstration centres. A selection of videos highlighting the simplicity of ProtoTRAK™ can also be found on the XYZ Machine Tools website.

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