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InnovOil is a technology-driven website which aims to provide a platform for sharing innovation, ideas and expertise across the ernergy, oil and gas sectors. In a fast-paced and worldwide industry, InnovOil aims to introduce innovators to their future business partners and customers and to provide innovators and engineers with a place to share their ideas and expertise.

InnovOil has over 29,000 readers in 80+ countries – covering all the major oil and gas producing regions – and is sent to senior managers, project developers, specialists and engineers with influence. With a dedicated editorial, sales and design team, it brings an objective eye to cutting-edge developments within the field. Our publication remains a trusted, solicited information source for technology news across the complete spectrum of the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas sectors.

By disseminating best practices, highlighting collaboration and providing an objective view on new equipment and technology, InnovOil is an asset to energy professionals.

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